Unprecedented Results

I am a former major college football player who suffered a torn deltoid, an assortment of several broken extremities, thus resulting in the need for extensive rehabilitation activities. I was introduced to various rehabilitation concepts and methodologies. In fact, rehab was an integral part of my life then and unfortunately now. 

Now that I’ve reached senior status, I just recently encountered a dislocated knee and a torn labium a few months apart. Fortunately, I was blessed to have accessibility to Greg Dean, PT, DPT, OTR/L CEAS, who was a physical therapist contracted by my employer, Lockheed Martin to rehabilitate Company employees. Mr. Dean’s innovative methodologies allowed me to resume jogging 3 miles almost daily four months after I dislocated my knee. Moreover, to avoid surgery, Dean took me through a methodical, but aggressive rehab regime for several months. Inevitably, I had to have surgery because I suffered an assortment of complications that resulted in a fall that I’d experienced. 

After surgery, my surgeon put me into a rehab program the next day. My doctor and the attending physical therapists were amazed with the exercises that I was able to complete from Day 1 and throughout the rehabilitation process. My doctor credited Dean’s UNPRECEDENTED workout strategies for my miraculous recovery.

Due to popular request of Dean’s patients to start his own clinic, he opened his clinic, Achieve Physical Therapy on April 13, 2015. 

Les H.

Awesome service, very professional, friendly staff and a pleasant office enviroment

I had been to several physical therapists in an attempt to get back to the quality of life that I had prior to a knee injury. None of them were able to help me, despite the fact that they told they would. Within 4 weeks of therapy with Achieve Physical Therapy I have gotten back to all of my normal activities. I am able to run, play tennis, and wear heels without pain and all of the swelling I had in my knee prior to therapy is gone. Thank you Achieve, you achieved all that you told me you would be able to do.

Delphine L.

The work was hard but the rewards were spectacular

I had a bad knee and really needed to lose some weight. I found Achieve Physical Therapy Solutions. As soon as I walked through the door and met Ms. Tiffany and Dr. Dean I knew I was where I needed to be.  

The work was hard but the rewards were spectacular. Dr. Dean was AWESOME. I think I used every piece of equipment known to man. I loved the state of the art Alter-G treadmill. What a blessing!  

I had not been able to do a squat in 20 years. I can now. I have my confidence back and my mobility. I am a new woman and continuing my therapy thanks to Achieve Physical Therapy Solutions and their caring staff. I recommended my husband check them out too.

If you want your life back make Achieve Physical Therapy Solutions your choice!

Marlean K.

He was very knowledgeable and encouraging

I had my right knee replacement in August, 2015 and my left knee replacement in December, 2015. My progress is attributed to Gregory Dean who was my physical therapist. He was very knowledgeable and encouraging during therapy. Even my family and friends are commenting on how much progress I have made in such a short time. If you need physical therapy, Achieve Physical Therapy Solutions is the one to call.

Della H.

 He will be my PT for life 

Dr. Dean is one of the best PT's that I have ever worked with . He was able to work with my tendon disorder and got me out of pain and I avoided having surgery. He also encouraged me to see an orthopedic doctor who diagnosed the problem. I used his anti-gravity treadmill (the only one in this area) to rebuild and strengthen my muscles in my legs and feet. He will be my PT for life. It was very easy to set up appointments. His office is conveniently located with the best staff. I am so glad our paths crossed.

Tanya J

 I was very impressed with the new and cutting edge therapies 

Such an awesome clinic run by a wonderful and caring therapist. He took care of Melvin Dansby after both his knee surgeries about a year ago. I was very impressed with not only his clinic but the new and cutting edge therapies he takes advantage of to ensure his patients recover better but faster too.

Carri D.

You get very personalized care

Greg and his staff are extremely warm, knowledgeable and caring. If anyone tells me they need physical therapy, I always recommend they try Achieve first. You won't be treated like a number here. Greg doesn't overbook and cram in a ton of other people. You get very personalized care. He makes PT as much fun as it can be. If you need PT, try Greg Dean at Achieve PT. You will not regret it.

Beverly B.

My core is stronger than it has ever been

Chronic back and hip pain led me to Dr. Dean at Achieve PT about two months ago. He immediately recognized an imbalance in the strength of my left side versus the right side, as well as areas of muscle tightness in my back. We first went to work building up the muscles in my left hip and leg. It didn't take long to feel the results and in just two months I can say with confidence the imbalance is gone. Next we moved on to strengthening my core through increasingly difficult (but rewarding) exercises. Two months ago I never would have imagined being able to do planks, bear crawls, and mountain climbers! My core is stronger than it has ever been and the back pain has gone from chronic/severe to occasional/moderate (usually after sitting for long periods or playing an intense tennis match.) 

Dr. Dean and Tiffany are super-friendly and welcoming. The facility is clean and comfortable. I would absolutely recommend Achieve Physical Therapy Solutions to anyone in the Marietta area looking for pain relief through physical therapy. 

Thanks Dr. Dean, looking forward to "graduation" and continued relief using the exercise program you've suggested for home.


Wonderful, caring staff

Wonderful, caring staff. Would recommend Dr. Greg to provide experienced and knowledgeable therapy.

Cindy J.

He truly cares for his patients

After weeks of back pain I went to Achieve PT and from the time I walked in I felt welcomed and comfortable. Dr. Dean is an awesome doctor not just because he makes everyone feel so comfortable but he truly cares for his patients. He thoroughly assessed my issue and came up with a plan. 

The work was hard but much needed in 3 weeks I was able to sleep, walk, run, etc without any pain. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ACHIEVE PT TO ANYONE THAT'S LOOKING TO GET THEIR BODY BACK ON TRACK.

Ester D.

Dr. Dean educated me on proper mechanics, ergonomics and strengthening exercises

I had really bad low back pain and Dr. Dean educated me on proper mechanics, ergonomics and strengthening exercises to help offer me relief. I have felt great since completing care at Achieve Physical Therapy Solutions. Dr. Dean was very thorough and was always willing to educate me on what was going on as well as what he was doing. I was normally seen with only one other patient. He did not schedule a clinic full of patients. I really appreciate the care that was provided.

Gabriel F.

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